Forest Friends LED Łańcuch świetlny 10 drewnianych figurek 1,8 m

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60 dni na zwrot towaru

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Cozy and decorative light chain with wooden figures of forest animals and trees. The battery-operated light chain consists of a 1.8-meter-long cord equipped with 10 figures that are attached to the light chain with hemp rope.

  • Sweet, colorful wooden figures of the forest's flora and fauna on the light chain for coziness.
  • The Forest Friends light chain is intended for indoor use.
  • Flexible battery-powered LED light chain.
  • Decorative and inviting light chain with 10 wooden figures with lights.

Place the light chain wherever you like. You can hang it up as a cozy Christmas decoration, in the children's room to delight the little ones, or in a cozy corner because you love forest animals.

The LED light chain is delivered in recyclable packaging, just like all our other LED candles and lamps.